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100423 Friday: Texas sectional wod: "Dead Man's Row"

By jerry Comments

The calm before the storm

In 12 minutes, complete:

2K Row + One attempt at Max Reps Deadlift (275m/185w) Score = Row time – (Deadlift Reps x 5 seconds)

From Carey Kempler, the South Texas Sectional Programmer:

For Clarification on the Dead Mans Row workout, you will row a 2k for time then you will have 10 secs to move to the deadlift bar where you will have one(1) opportunity to dead lift as many reps as possible no resting at the bottom and if you let go, set the bar down you are done. set over. set terminated.DONE. workout completed.

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  1. Adam Murphy says:

    In 12 minutes, complete:
    2K Row + Max Reps Deadlift (275/185lbs)
    Score = Row time – (Deadlift Reps x 5 seconds)

    This is gonna be a challenge

  2. the video of this on the journal is awesome.

  3. Not sure how much we are supposed to post here but
    9:19.9 – 7 reps x5 = 8:44 Pack weight
    short comments
    - row seemed hard – way off my last row at sub 9; tried for an even pace, but didn’t seem to be the right approach

    - not sure what to make the of the deadlifts – felt way too much like the last set in a circuit, where you are just trying to do them. Yet it is the first/only set and you feel like you are working with jelly legs.

    - Drunk man’s row – totally staggering after the row, but definitely not with the happy feeling of a couple of shots :)

  4. I haven’t had a lung burn like this in a long time. Great WOD choice, Jerry (I wouldn’t have admitted this before class)

  5. Adam Murphy says:

    6:54.6 Row (PR by 24 seconds) 18 reps at the 275 Deadlifts

    Started to fast and burnt out in the middle but sped it up for the final push

    The Weight wasn’t a factor but the grip was. Also took about 2mins after the row to start, probably would of hit around a 13-15 range if started immediately.

    GREAT WOD!!!

  6. 7:16.0 (PR-found it Melissa! Was 7:31.5)

    Deadlifts 11 @ 185 (Porch)


  7. Mark D says:

    8:25 a 4 sec pr on the 2k row. Then only 4 reps at 275. It was sure heavier after the row than during warmups

  8. 8:13.8 a 48 second pr on the row, 10 x 225 probably could’ve gone heavier I suppose. I’m always conservative on metcons.

  9. Melissa says:

    Woah! That was tough!
    8:05.1/6DL= 7:35.1

  10. Not sure why this is logging in under Jason and not me.
    row 8:59.6/15DL at Porch wt = 7:44



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