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100716 Friday: "Chelsea"

By jerry Comments


Set up before a clock, and every minute on the minute perform 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 squats. Can you continue for thirty minutes? Twenty minutes? How about 10? Post results to comments. If you fall behind the clock keep going for thirty minutes and see how many rounds you can complete. Score your rounds on pace then +the extra rounds you got in the remaining 30 minutes. For example you stayed on pace for 12 minutes and finished another 8; Score 12 (+8).

If you’ve finished the workout before, this time add +1 to each exercise, i.e., 6 pull-ups, 11 push-ups, and 16 squats each minute, and see if you can go the full thirty minutes. If my memory serves only Steckbeck finished this WOD as RXed last time; so Jon if you are reading add +1.




  1. Gar Whaley says:

    30 rds. Push up extension questionable.

  2. 19 (+7.5) …pushups killed me!

  3. Jeremy Moss says:

    11 (+9) – Pushups killed me too.

  4. 3 + 16
    Sadly, many of the pushups were on my knees (STILL!!! DANG IT!!!!)

  5. 6 rounds on-time, plus 12 additional rounds. First pushups in about 6 weeks, and it showed!

  6. Mike Hart says:

    23 (+4)

    Happy Birthday, Joe Hart. Glad I didn’t have to wear the vest on this one.

  7. 5 rounds (+10) – band pull ups & knees for the push ups.

  8. 3 + 16 @ 3, 6, 9
    pullups were lousy the first 5 rounds

  9. Harold Doran says:

    20 rounds on pace + 3 extra.

  10. Jerry Hill says:

    Weird to post this as I realize it’s a bit freakish but it was in my wheelhouse and I underestimated my abilities.
    Started at +2 (7pullup, 12pushup, 17sq) and went 20 rounds unbroken so moved to +3 (8,13,18) for another 20 rounds and still went unbroken with 20 sec rest…a good day…40 rounds…prob had a plus 4 in me.

  11. Sean Soni says:

    11 (+9) …Pushups & an Angry Groin killed me.

  12. Jason Brown says:

    9 (+9 2/3). Thought I had 10 unbroken til Jerry told me that I couldn’t read time. Oh well, I don’t think I had another unbroken round in me. I still did one more round in 20 minutes than I did on “Cindy” just 14 days ago. Looking forward to my rematch on this one.

  13. 11rnds +11 1/3 Couldn’t hang on the push ups. I did have Jerry “the freakshow” Hill motivating me though.

  14. 10 rounds on time, plus 10 extra. Pushups definitely the weak point. Will do more bench press at home.

  15. Mark Davis says:

    11 rounds, then 11 more plus all but 3 squats from a 12th.
    Lets call it 11 + 11.9.
    A couple of beers Thurs night, an early wake up and flight Friday then a 6 hour car ride preceded this earned me a painful calf cramp after all was done. Don’t forget to hydrate.


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