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100728 Wednesday: "Baby Hold on to Me"

By jerry Comments

Bulldog: 3 rounds for time

Infidel: 4 rounds for time

HTFU: 5 rounds for time

10 push ups

10 power cleans @ 135#M/95# W (Scale weight as desired)

Hands can never leave the bar. All push ups are done with hands on bar. Run 200m for every penalty (a penalty is when hands leave the bar at any point)

A 200m penalty is taken if:

1) You rest on the bottom of the power clean. That is, no resting on the floor. Resting in the rack or in the hang is OK.
2) You rest on the push up bar. You cannot flop on the bar and rest at the bottom of the push up. You must keep moving.
3) You let go of bar at any time for any reason.

One complication to consider for tomorrow is those of you who scale and use a lighter weight, thus the weights bend and you can’t do the PUs on the bar. If this happens, you should do the CrossFit hand release push ups instead of doing them on the bar.

“After party”

Tabata Med-ball situps with partner

Explanation: Partner A sits down and does situps. Partner B throws med ball at partner A for each situp. Partner A catches the ball, does the situp and on the way up tosses the ball back to partner B who is standing in front of partner A.




  1. 8:33 RX HTFU (2 penalties)

    Then I did “Annie Up” fr. yesterday’s WOD in 6:21… did all DU unbroken, but my forearms hurt me on my pullups…. figure that…
    Fun 2 WOD’s!

  2. 7:09 HTFU (5 rounds); pushups on knees/55lb power cleans/1 penalty run

  3. 13:45 HTFU (75#) 4 penalty runs (too many!)
    50 GHDs

  4. 15:00 HTFU Rx, 5 penalty runs

  5. 8:53
    HTFU (65#), 2 penalty runs
    partner assisted medicine ball sit ups x20 for 3 rounds

  6. 8:23 HTFU (45#)(2 penalty runs)

  7. 20 2/3 rnds of “The Chief”

  8. Mark Davis says:

    135# / htfu (5 rounds)

    I don’t follow directions very well. I thought you could drop the bar after each round, and earned a penalty after rounds 1 and 2. Oops.

  9. Gar Whaley says:

    8:02 HTFU 135# 2 penalty runs

    Da Loop

  10. holes too big for molesking donuts …
    so 5k on a rest day. bummed to miss this. I really like the Chief and this reminds me alot of it.

  11. First day back at CFOT!!!
    Mod by Coach Jerry:
    AMRAP in 15 minutes — 15 KBS (53 lbs), 15 push ups, 15 sit ups
    Did 5 and 2/3 rounds.

    Thanks, Coach!

  12. Chad Norman says:

    12:18? Dropped nearly every round for rest. 115lb, HTFU.

  13. Leslie: 5 rnds 65 lbs, 2 penalties, 9:30 – Extra Tabata w/10lb slam ball – 8rnds, reps/rnd
    Steck: 5 rnds 115 lbs, 2 penalties, 8:08 – Extra Tabata
    w/10lb slam ball – 8rnds, 10reps/rnd

  14. 8:28 INF 60# 2 penalty runs

  15. Judy Skilling says:

    14:15-HTFU (5 rounds), Rx (95#); I think I did 5 penalty runs.


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