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100802 Monday: "Dead Head"

By jerry Comments

AMRAP 20 Minutes:

3 Deadlift (275m – 185w)

5 Hand Stand Pushup

8 Burpees

“After Party”: The Haynesworth 300

Perform six 25-yard out-and-back sprints. (so 12×25 total) The first set must be done in 70 seconds or less and the second in 73 seconds or less. You are allowed a 3 1/2 -minute break between the runs.

Alternate WOD: 20 Minute AMRAP

8 DB Strict Shoulder Press

16 Kettlebell Swings

8 Burpees




  1. Sean Soni says:

    11.33-rds. (+4 HSPU) RX

  2. Gar Whaley says:

    8 rds (45# Plate + Abmat)

    “After Party”: The Haynesworth 300 = Passed

  3. Sean Mulcahy says:

    10 rounds (Abmat)

  4. 8 1/3 rounds (45# plate & abmat on handstand pushups)

    Haynesworth 300…a bad idea after deadlifting 7,425 pounds…75 seconds, 80 seconds. Hamstrings.are.fried.

  5. Jerry Hill says:

    16.33 rx
    Felt freakin’ great!

  6. 8 1/3 HSPU’s w/ abmat

  7. 6 rounds HSPU’s w/ 2 abmat

    My HSPU’s were pretty bad — not sure I should have even counted all of them as I did get back up on several. Shoulders need to get stronger!

    I have more respect for Mr. Haynesworth. 1st time through didn’t catch the time (but I didn’t make it). 2nd time through 75 seconds.

  8. Mark Davis says:

    9 rounds + 1 DL.
    Haynesworth 300: First pass 71 seconds – FAIL by 1 second. 2nd pass 73 seconds – Pass.

    Redo some time NOT after 20 minutes of heavy deadlifts.

  9. 7 1/3 RX weight HSPU with abmat…

  10. Chad Norman says:

    6 rounds RX (abmat hspu). Passed the Haynesworth 300.

  11. Harold Doran says:

    9 rounds plus 3 DL and 4 HSPU. Failed twice on the 5th HSPU in that last round and that kept me from getting an even 10.

  12. Lost count this AM – didn’t want to take time to mark a check!
    8 rds exactly (sub’d KBS for deadlift; 45# Plate + Abmat for HSPU).

  13. 8 rounds….175# DL, strict press 25#DB

  14. Jason Brown says:

    8 2/3 rounds. Subbed 10x30lb dumbbell strict presses for the HSPU.

    Tried the Haynesworth test but with the combination of being post WOD and no cleats, I came up a few seconds short. Confident I could have crushed it fresh and with better footing.

  15. 9 rds. Scaled dead lift back to 225. Ab Mat HSPUs.

  16. mhixson says:

    8 1/3 135# I guess I made the redskins…

  17. Jeremy Moss says:

    8 rds (2 rounds to floor, then 6 with abmat).

    Barely passed the Haynesworth 300 in a pair of low-top converse.

    Good to be back after a week away with a freak summer cold.

  18. Judy Skilling says:

    9 Rounds-Rx (185 #), partial HSPU’s.

  19. Fred says:

    8 rounds 240# 40# straight press


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