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100803 Tuesday: "Ketchup"

By jerry Comments

Bulldog: 3 rounds

Infidel: 4 rounds

HTFU: 5 rounds

400m run

30 wall balls

20 pull ups




  1. 4…no 5 rounds. What was the time?

  2. Gar Whaley says:

    29:28 HTFU RX w/ BFF Blain as my partner.

  3. Sean Soni says:

    33:16 HTFU RX w/ BFF Cameron leaving me in the DUST!

  4. Fred says:

    30:30 Infidel Rx

    Props to Cameron…smoked it

  5. Jason Brown says:

    28:53 – Infidel Rx. Not stringing larger than 3-5 pull-ups together is slowing me down. Runs and wallballs felt pretty good.

  6. 21:31 Bulldog

    Wasn’t feeling it today. Felt completely without energy from the moment my feet hit the floor this morning. Will run at lunch as a penalty for poor performance.

  7. 28:27 HTFU
    Came pretty close to eating my food backwards on this one.

  8. Santa Clarita California WOD-dumbell thrusters 20lb 21-15-9, pullups w/band and ring dips 42,30,18 time 17:30

  9. jerry says:

    23:36 htfu
    I’ve been cheatin on my lunch bunch team, sorry. After coaching 5 classes sometimes ya want to get to it asap! Will attempt to get back on track tomorrow.

    I trotted the runs as my hammy is still not right so I knew I needed to crush the indoor portion – partitioned the wall ball at 12,10,8 with a 5 breathe break after the 12 and 8 – hammered all 20 pullups, took no rest that wasn’t planned for. IMO the key during these longer wods is to schedule your rest unless you are a Steckbeck/Russ cardio machine. Keep moving and plan your rest so you don’t burn out. My plan worked until the 5th round and fell apart on wallball, was on pace for sub 23. I hope that me talking about these wods helps you – IMO understanding your strengths and weaknesses can help you plan to game the wod for a faster time.

  10. Mark Davis says:

    32:18 5 rounds/htfu

    Slow, steady & workman-like. BFFs: Jared, Vinnie, and Goode all paced me. But mostly I was just maintaining. Just finishing 5 rounds felt like a solid accomplishment and one that I could not do too long ago.

    Jerry- smart man. It was getting hotter out by the round. 1pm is a miserable time to be running outside in August in DC.

  11. 26:52 HTFU
    I know my time is pretty good.. but honestly I felt I could have done this 2-3min faster if I was feeling like myself. Came into this WOD feeling nauseous and run down…

  12. Did this one HTFU in 26:25. Was thru the 4th round in about 19 minutes and then came completely unglued. It was no kidding 103 with a feels like 113. I told Leslie it was the dumbest thing I ever tried – figure I came pretty close to having a heat stroke. To make things even more exciting, I was doing my wall balls on the side of the house and discovered a hornet nest inside my bricks. I spiked 3 of them with the wall ball during the wall ball shots (1 each round on rounds 1-3). They were pissed, but I was even more pissed than them 🙂

    Leslie cranked 4 rounds in 23:26 with her black CFOT First Friday Tanktop. Solid!

    Thanks for the call out Jerry, had I been cranking this one with you at CFOT I think I could have posted a better time. Your result is AWESOME as usual!

  13. 5k run 25:08. Wanted this to be a time trial,but didn’t have much in
    the tank after this mornings WOD

  14. Kevin Drury says:

    28:05 HTFU, bloody hands, need to get in the habit of shaving my calluses again.

  15. 26:20 Bulldog (red band pullups)

  16. Judy Skilling says:

    Time-27:39 (4 rounds-Infidel); subbed 15 pullups for each set of 20 pullups.

  17. 27:XX Infidel, I think. I did three rounds in like 16 min so either that last round took forever or I did five rounds.

  18. Bryan Giglio says:

    23:45 – Infidel + 20 pullups. First time doing 100 pullups in a day!


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