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100811 Wednesday: Back Squat x 5

By jerry Comments

GYMNASTIC SKILL WORKSHOP SUNDAY AUG. 15 10-12:30PM Coaches Melissa Lopes, Danya Armstrong, and Jerry Hill will be leading this exciting workshop where we will go over Muscle Ups, Free standing Handstands, Handstand Pushups, and Paralette Work! We will be exploring new ways to perfect your Muscle Ups, Handstand work and Core Strength. We’ll be introducing assisted Muscle Ups, Handstand Pushups using bands and paralettes. In this workshop we will spotting one another, so you must feel comfortable with being touched. If you still haven’t perfected these skills, this is the time to come in and learn new ways to work!

Cost $40.00/Space is limited, sign-up online: Click Here

100811 Wednesday WOD: Back Squat  5×5,  Take exactly 5 sets including warmups to find a 5 rep session max.

Optional 6th Set: Drop 20% off your top load and “rep-out”, how many reps can you get? **You must display perfect form on these “rep-out” sets, once form or range of motion falters bring your set to an end**

Alternate WOD: 2 Rounds of: 400m Run, walking Lunge 200 meters (Montgomery and Back), 400m Run, 60 Situps

“After Party” 3, 4, or 5 rounds of: 20ghd situp (30 regular), 30 Jumping lunge




  1. Sean Soni says:

    BS 5×5 @ 225#

    16 @ 185#

  2. BS 5×155# (could have done more weight)

    1 round of ALT WOD, 17:45. 200m of lunges is surprisingly long.

  3. BS 5×125 (this is a huge improvement for me! Certainly no PR, but progress)


  4. Mike Hart says:

    BS 5×275


    -no PR today. Tweaked my hamstring and rest day tomorrow is right on time.

  5. Stuart says:

    285 x 5 (+5 lbs PR)

    Repped out at 225 x 10 and jelly legs

  6. 135 x5 PR (up 25 lbs) 110 x 12

  7. Jeremy Moss says:

    255 x 5
    275 x 3…lost core tension and got stuck at the bottom.

    After Party – 3 rounds.

  8. 105 x 5 – could have gone heavier…I think
    85 x 16

  9. Chad Norman says:

    225×5 last two reps were a little ugly. 185×8.

  10. jerry says:

    passed on the rep-out as my pelvis stability in the BS sux!
    I have sworn off the BS but every few months i give it a go again only to have reality hit (thanks Melissa for keeping me healthy!) Melissa points out that my pelvis tucks way under…”OH so that is why my back used to ache 24/7 in my powerlifting days”…a bit frustrating to perform poorly at a movement I once excelled at however CrossFit has so many movements and so many opportunities to get better that it is always smart to taste the temporary pain of subbing/modifying/scaling on a movement that YOU KNOW is not a good fit for you. I’m not saying skip a movement you dread, i’m saying sub/modify/scale a movement that constantly causes you injury or pain. On a similar note I will say that since Ive joined the lunch bunch i have not only enjoyed the camaraderie and push of my teammates but I have also benefitted tremendously from Melissa’s coaching; I have never been healthier, feel fit as a fiddle, and on a few occasions…invincible…even your coach needs a coach to keep progressing!

  11. Steck: 225×5 then 180 for 21 reps.
    Leslie: 125×5 then 100 for 10 reps.

  12. Koz says:

    245×5 then 205×15

  13. Gar Whaley says:

    295 x 5 last 2 = high
    275 x 5 clean
    245 x 6

  14. 110# x 5, could have done more weight I believe.

  15. Kevin Drury says:

    205 X 5, probably should have gone 225 but was messing with the high bar method to get deeper! Felt much better than low bar (thanks Melissa).

    165 x 10 Rep out.


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