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100823Monday: Handstand The f'up!

By jerry Comments

100823 WOD

20 Minute amrap: 7 Hand Stand Pushups, 28 Double-unders

Alternate WOD: 20 Min AMRAP 10 DB shoulder Press, 10 Burpee, 10 Box Jump




  1. Sean Mulcahy says:

    7 rounds as Rx’d (+1 HSPU)

  2. Harold Doran says:

    7 rounds as RX’d and 1 HSPU extra (same as Sean).

  3. Gar Whaley says:

    10 rds 19:03 – (45# + ab Mat for HSPU)
    Nice to have Harold Back where he belongs!

  4. Jason Brown says:

    Alt-Alt WOD: AMRAP 20 mins of 10DB strict presses (35lbs) and 250m row = 10 1/2 rounds. Knee felt really good on the rower today.

  5. Fred says:

    Alt WOD: 30# DB Strict Press- 6 2/3 rds

  6. Chad Norman says:

    10 rounds (19:34) w/Abmat HSPU

  7. 10 rounds (17:21) w/ 2 abmat HSPU

    So last time we had HSPU I said I could probably have done it with just one abmat. I started w/ just one abmat, but went to two after the first round.

    In retrospect, it would have been better to get less rounds, but do a greater range of motion. Next time I struggle through a tougher workout.

    Good one though!

  8. 9 rnds (+ 3 HSPU) used the blue band

    I figured out today how to use the band for HSPU without a spotter. I would not recommend this for everyone.. you have to have a controlled kick up and have been spotted and worked HSPU on the band before. If you don’t you will back bend as Adam Murphy witnessed on me… You have to hollow out and have active shoulder for your kick up or it could be interesting….
    I loved using the band in the WOD it really helped me keep my form and use full range of motion… I had to work hard to stay in control and keep hollow!

  9. 6 rounds & 2 HSPU’s.
    Thought about trying it with bands, but I’m not as coordinated as Danya.
    Instead I did full range of motion with kipping. First time without using an abmat! Getting closer to strict HSPU’s, thanks to Jerry’s programming!

  10. Mark Davis says:

    8.6 rounds

    9 rounds of hspu
    8 rounds of d/u and a few more in round 9.

    My double unders are a complete debacle.

  11. Traveling WOD: 20 minute AMRAP 10 db pushpress, 20 situps, 30 squats

    Hazen-8 rounds
    Laura 5 rounds

  12. Stuart says:

    9.75 rounds as RX’d

    10 rounds of 7 reps handstand pushups
    9 rounds of 28 double unders + 16

    So close…

  13. Koz says:

    5 rounds Alt WOD
    2×40# DB’s and 24″ box jump

  14. I was being a diva and did 6 and 2/3 rounds of the following:
    10 shoulder PP (15#)
    28 DU
    10 Jumping Slam Balls

  15. Judy Skilling says:

    Alternate WOD Result: 8 rounds + 10 Strict Press + 3 Burpees (used 20 lb. dumbbells for Strict Press).

  16. 7 rounds and 3 HSPU
    Down to one bumper plate and an abmat with the HSPU’s. I am having some issues keeping hollowed out but I can tell I’m getting stronger. Double Unders were getting easier, so after the wod I tried to break my old pr of 26 and got 41.

  17. 6 rounds plus 5 DB PP (Alt WOD)

  18. Melissa Yost says:

    Alternate workout – 6 rds. 15lb DB PP


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