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100825 Wednesday: "Do Work"

By jerry Comments

100825 Wednesday WOD “Do Work”

Partition as needed to get through as fast as possible.

 30 Deadlifts at 80% of your max, 60 Ring Dips, 120 sit-ups (HTFU use ghd)

For example:  You could go 6 rounds of 5 deadlift, 10 dip, 20 situp or 10 rounds of 3deadlift, 6dip, 12 situp, or whatever! In our bigger classes we will need to share deadlift bars.




  1. 21:57 160 lb deadlifts; abmat with 1 round GHD sit-ups

  2. Gar Whaley says:

    19:54 HTFU 305#
    Loop for warm-up
    Partitioned 3 DL /6 Dips /12 GHD

  3. 30:15 HTFU @ 225#. I need to work on my deadlift form, badly.

  4. Harold Doran says:

    22:31 with 325# DL and GHDs (HTFU).

  5. Koz says:

    29:38 with #315 DL and HTFU GHD’s. Man, that took longer than I thought it would…

  6. 31:00 HTFU 175# . Dips and GHD felt great. DL had to scale back weight since my backs been tight.

  7. Mike Hart says:

    23:21 HTFU @ 288#

    That one put a hurtin’ on me. Glad tomorrow is a rest day.

  8. 27:30 (purple band) HTFU 195lb

    Thank you Harold for stayin with me today and pushing me through!!! YOU ROCK!

  9. Grace Chung says:

    25:?? HTFU (220# x 15, 185# x 15)

    Did 3 rds of 5 deads, 10 ring dips, 20 GHDs then became paranoid was going to mess up my back bc I could feel myself starting to round, so I scaled back on the second half of deads.

  10. Mark Davis says:

    275# DL (77% of max)

    6 sets of 5/10/20 with GHDs.
    Dips felt super. Never had to pause. GHDs felt awful, clearly I was not using perfect form.

    Started the Starrett mobility blog drills. I felt super-duper despite 2 hard workouts on Mon/Tues. Strong, good energy and not sore. Proper sleep, nutrition and stretching make for a happy crossfitter.

  11. Mark Davis says:

    Link to the Kelly Starrett mobility blog:

    Kelly is the owner of CF San Francisco (one of the very early CF boxes back in 2005) and has a Doc. of Physical Therapy.

  12. Sean C says:

    Bahhh, I’ve forgot what my time was, but I know I was 10 seconds behind Pete Stramese – so “Pete + 10 secs”

  13. 10 mile run. That loop gets a bit old after 6!!!

  14. Jeremy Moss says:

    26:51 HTFU (295#). Nothing like seeing stars and feeling like you may pass out thirty times in one day.

  15. Judy Skilling says:

    Result Time-15:04; Deadlifts at 205 lbs., situps with abmat, ring dips with skinny band.

  16. Stuart says:

    315 lbs HTFU as RX’d

    That’s a lot of weight for 30 deadlifts.

    25:42 First 3 rounds around 10 min. Last three over 15 min.

    This ranks up there with the all time most exhausting workouts ever at CFOT. No muscles specifically just complete energy drain.

  17. Kevin Hare says:

    Broke it up into 3 rounds of 10,20,40 with 315# and GHD


  18. 15:51 6 rounds of 5, 10, 20 (125#, orange band dips)


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