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100831 Tuesday Front Squat 5×5

By jerry Comments

Suggested Mobility Warmup or Cooldown WOD

100831 Tuesday : Find a 5rep session max in the Front Squat. I suggest you only take 5-6 sets to do so.

I normally do not program 5reps in the front squat as it is often very difficult to maintain the rack position with heavy load at 5 reps. Please add to comments your thoughts/experience as well results.

“After Party” 40 Jump squats (HTFU add load), 10 Situps, 30 JSq, 20 Situp, 20 Jsq, 30 Situp, 10 JSq, 40 Situp

“Alternate WOD” 50 Situp, 10 Jump Squat, 400m run, 40sit, 20 Jsq, 400m run, 30sit, 30 Jsq 400m run, 20sit, 40 Jsq, 400m run, 10sit, 50 Jsq, 400m run




  1. Sean Mulcahy says:

    A.P. 5:18 (no load)

  2. Fred says:

    145#X5 165 X 3 Bummer. AP 8:50 35#

  3. 110 x 5
    115 x 3 (bummer)

    Didn’t time A.P. but it was about a minute after Sean M.. no load.

  4. Sean C says:

    165 x5. Matched my PR.
    I’ve already forgot the time on the AP, but I was gassed, so it did it’s job.

  5. Harold Doran says:

    195 x 5. Then, did:

    Reverse Hyper sets of:


    Then, did Gar loop

  6. Koz says:

    205×5 (215×3)
    AP: 9:47 with 53#KB Jump Squats

  7. 100 lbs x 5

    After party @10 min…clock blocker 🙂

  8. 185# x 5

    After party 11:55 with 30# of dumbbells and GHD situps.

  9. Grace Chung says:

    140 x 5

    After party w/26# kb and GHDs

  10. 135 x 5
    After party w/26# kb and GHDs (except for the final 40, ended up on the abmat)

    Felt pretty crummy — 2 weeks out of the box + 1 nasty cold.

  11. Mike Hart says:

    215 x 5

    Core/rack position “felt” good. I have to focus on keeping elbows UP as I rise. Depth felt a little high but I was told I was deep enough.

    After Party – completed but no clue what my time was.

  12. Jerry Hill says:

    Front Sq 235×5
    Best ive felt in a long while!

  13. 5 mile run around the Alster here in Hamburg… 45min… not bad… haven’t been able to get on a decent sleep pattern out here and it’s killin me…

  14. Mark Davis says:

    195 x 5.

    205 x4. That was tough.

    Then, worked on muscle up progression. Felt a pull behind my shoulder. Not good. Ice, ice baby. And cross my damn fingers.

  15. 130, 140×2 accidentally jumped from 120 to 140 and big fail!
    AP with weighted lunges and GHD: 9:31
    30 MU’s for time 11:35

  16. Laurie Wasko says:

    120 x 5 (PR)
    After Party:
    9:40 w/ 20# DB and GHDs

  17. 85# x 5
    AP 9:00 ish??

  18. Judy Skilling says:

    Back Squat-140 lbs. x 5; After Party-9:33 minutes.

  19. 185# x 5, 225# x 1.
    60#s less then when we did this last August, but given I did Fran on Saturday I’ll take it, for now.

  20. Kevin Drury says:

    155, then 175 x 4. Looked back at my log and saw that 175 is my recorded 1RM on the front squat!

  21. […] 100920 Monday: STRENGTH WOD take no more then 6 sets including warmups to find your 3 rep max in the front squat (should take less then 20 minutes). We hit a 5RM three weeks ago […]


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