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100908 WEDNESDAY: Tabata This

By jerry Comments

100908 WEDNESDAY Tabata This

compare to 100518

Tabata Intervals ( 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times) is applied in turn to Pullups, Pushups, Situps, Squat, Rower, with a one minute rotation break between exercises. Each exercise is scored by the weakest number of reps (calories on the rower) in each of the eight intervals. During the one minute rotation time allowed the clock is not stopped but kept running. The score is the total of the scores from the five stations.




  1. Sean Mulcahy says:

    10/8/13/16/6 = 53

    Maintained reps on all except pushups (13′s, then 10′s, then last round was 8). Gotta work the weakness.

  2. 5/6/11/15/5 = 42 Died on the pull ups due to grip strength, struggled getting the rower working for the first round.

  3. Gar Whaley says:

    10 pull; 7 push; 16 sit; 18 sq; 6 row = 55 (+2 vs 100518)
    Vs 100518 = -2 pull; +1 push; +1 sit; +1 sq; +1 row

    Loop x 1

  4. Harold Doran says:

    Good workout this morning. Modified the WOD a bit and did:

    Rower: min = 7, max = 9
    Hand Stand Push ups: min = 1, max = 5
    GHD Situps: min = 6, max = 8
    C2B pull ups: min = 3, max = 7
    Squats: min = 10, max = 17

    One problem I fall prey to in a tabata WOD is falling back when I hit a low number. For example, if you have one bad round (say it is your 3rd round) and hit a 7, then that number gets stuck in my head and I don’t push past 7 in the rounds that follow it even if I have the energy.

    My advice is not to fall prey to this thinking. Go all out on every round even if you fluff a round for whatever reason.

  5. Pullups: 9 , close to 10 but lost it on last interval
    Pushups: 7
    Situps: 18
    Squat: 18, could have pushed for 19
    Row: 5
    Total 57

    7more points than last time!

  6. Pull-4 band
    Push ups-9 knee

  7. Koz says:

    Pullups: 8
    Pushups: 9 (going for 10, but fell to 9 on last interval)
    Situps: 13
    Squats: 16
    Row: 9 cal

    Total: 55

  8. Tabata This!

    Pullups: 5
    Pushups: 7
    Situps: 13
    Squats: 14
    Row: 6 cal

    Total: 45 PR (+7 from May)

  9. Mike Hart says:

    6 calories row (+1 from 100518)
    6 pullups (-2 from 100518)
    12 pushups (+2 from 100518)
    15 situps
    20 squats
    59 total (+1 from 100518)

    Started on the rower with one more than last time. Should have done more. Pullups fell apart on grip and strength. I took one point away on my pullups from what I posted on the WB. Not sure if my chin was above the bar at the buzzer. Frustrating. Pushups felt good. Situps should be 16 (like Gar). 20 squats hurt but no agony. Great class this morning. The BIG boys showed up.

  10. 4/10/13/11/5=43 Gamed it too much, esp. on pullups & squats. I worried too much about getting through 8 rounds that I didn’t push myself as hard as I could. I look forward to doing this workout again.

  11. Jerry Hill says:

    Tabata This: 73
    Pullup: 12
    Pushup: 16
    Situp: 18
    Squat: 20
    Row: 7

    Maintained reps on all but pushups, hit 17 for 7 intervals, 16 on last. Squats felt like I had 21 in me. Situps were ugly, brutal and barely. Row and pullups hurt like heck.

  12. Sean C says:

    5 pull; 7 push; 10 sit; 13 sq; 5 row = 40 (-1 vs 100518)
    Hands are still shreaded from Murph/FF. Can’t grip.

  13. 14 (Muscle ups total)/6/18/18/4=60
    Couldn’t do pullups because of a finger injury. How lame!!

  14. Mark Davis says:

    6-12-11-14-5=48 (+6)
    smarter more than fitter

  15. Jason Brown says:

    I might have gamed to much on the pull-ups and sit-ups as I might have had a couple of more reps. The pushups were at 10 til the 7th interval. I had to be careful on the squats with the knee but I’m hoping for a clean bill from the Doctor tomorrow. Less game, more push next time.

  16. 5 Pullups
    7 Pushups
    10 Situps
    15 Squats
    6 Calorie Row

    Total 43

    I was too conservative. Next time I’ll try

    6 Pullups
    9 Pushups
    15 Situps
    18 Squats
    6 Calorie Row

    that would be 55. Rowing first helps.

  17. Tabata This: 40
    Pullup: 4
    Pushup: 5
    Situp: 13
    Squat: 13
    Row: 5 cal

    Had a hard time to NOT overdo it on earlier rounds — always hit the wall by rounds 7-8 in each exercise! When do we get to count total reps? Just gotta ‘game the system’ a bit more next time this WOD comes up :-)

  18. Ray Fitzgerald says:

    Pullup 8 (ring pull ups, still recovering)

    Pushups 10 just made the last two sets

    Situps 17 18 possible

    Squat 12 could do 13 or 14

    Row 4 was conservative, could do 5 or 6

    Total 51

  19. 3 pullups (very, very ugly – way too optimistic at start)
    7 pushups
    12 sit(comfortable)
    15 squat
    5 row (comfortable)

    42 total

  20. 3 Pullups
    5 Pushups
    11 situps
    15 squats (could have gotten 16, maybe 17)
    Row 5 (likely could have gotten 6)
    Total 39

    I am not at all happy with my performance on the pullups or pushups.


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