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100909 Thursday: "Triple D"

By jerry Comments

100909 Thursday 5rounds of 5 Deadlift (70% max), XX Dips, 30 double-unders

Bulldog: 9 Dips, Infidel: 12 Dips, HTFU: 15 Dips




  1. Harold Doran says:

    13:14 HTFU with 285# on the DLs. Touch and go all DLs except in round 4 hit 4-1. All 30 DUs in all rounds except rounds 3 and 5 where I did the same thing 5-25. Ring dips felt solid today in terms of ROM (it helps to have Danya yell at me). But, I partitioned them more than I had hoped. Hit all 15 in round 1, but subsequently would hit 5 and then 3-3-etc.

    Didn’t realize it until after the WOD today, but today marks 7 days on straight. I think I need to rest. But, the WODs have been so much damn fun.

  2. 27:38 185#/9 Dips with purple band/DUs, had to count attempts.
    Got most double unders. Was about to get two at a time once in a while. Mostly single, single, DU, trip on rope… That said, was better than last week.

  3. Koz says:

    26:16 275# Deadlift, 15x Ring Dips, 120x Singles

    I have no push/press strength and I still need to practice my double unders.

  4. Gar Whaley says:

    9:56 HTFU @ 275#
    ROM issues on dips. Thanks Harold and Danya for calling them out.
    Shoulder pain!

  5. 23:58 – 135 lb dead lifts ; ring dips w/ orange band were better today than in the past; double-unders were OK, getting 8-10 in a row without whipping myself too badly! Still need work.

  6. Chad Norman says:

    11:24 HTFU #225 DL.

  7. 20:08 Bulldog 85# DL wt
    sucked at double unders only got singles or twoies could not get a rhythm
    red band with dips because of my shoulder I got good depth though

  8. 20:28 / 145# DL / 9 Ring dips / double unders

    This WOD hit all of my weaknesses. Felt strong on Dead lifts, but the back started feeling weak on the last two rounds. Really wanted to work ROM w/ ring dips. My first 5 were rockin’ but I started cheating by putting my toes on the ground and pushing off a little. Round 3 I moved to the purple band, and Danya yelled at me to get a deeper dip. This was a much better way to go. Glad I worked on improving dips. A big time weakness.

  9. Jeremy Moss says:

    19:04 HTFU 255#

    Went lighter on the deadlifts because I knew DUs would give me hell…nothing will kill a good time like 150 sets of 1 double under. I need to hit the ropes everyday.

  10. Kevin Drury says:

    16:00 htfu #215 too light on the deadlifts.

  11. 25:45 #185. Ring dips were slow and miserable!


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