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100929 Wednesday: Hero Workout “Nate”

By jerry Comments

100929 Wednesday: Hero Workout


Complete as many rounds in twenty minutes as you can of:

2 Muscle-ups

4 Handstand Push-ups

8  Kettlebell swings (53W, 70M)

Level one (Beginner): 6 rounds

Level two (Intermediate): 10 rounds

Level three (advanced): 14 rounds

Level four (advanced): 18 rounds

Post rounds completed to comments.

Chief Petty Officer Nate Hardy was killed Sunday February 4th, 2008 during combat operations in Iraq.  Nate is survived by his wife, Mindi, and his infant son Parker.

“Alternate WOD”
20 Minute AMRAP
6 Dips
8 Pullups
10 Strict Press (55W, 95M)
12 KB Swing (35W, 53M)

SuperD has generously offered his Copy of “The Paleo Solution” by Robb Wolf as a prize to the athlete with the most rounds Rxed of “Nate”! I have matched his donation by offering a Copy to an athlete (Nate or Alternate WOD) picked Randomly from the comment section of the Blog (only those posting to comment section are eligible).




  1. Gar Whaley says:

    5.33 (2 abmat HSPU’s)

    All HSPU’s dirty. HSPUs remain my nemesis!

  2. Kevin Hare says:

    5.33, repeating of course. 10 consecutive muscle-ups as an after party.

    This is day 10 of my HSPU work, starting with 2 throughout the day and adding 2 each day, so the 20 in the WOD today were exactly wear I should be, but not close to were I want to be.
    October 31st goal: 20 unbroken HSPUs.

  3. 5.33 rounds of Nate with heavy modifications: subbed 8 ring dips / 8 pullups for muscle-ups and used two abmats and a plate for handstand pushups.

  4. Kevin Hare says:

    If I could edit comments I would fix my awesome spelling errors!

    (does this get me 2 entries for the book 😉 )

  5. Alt WOD: 4 swings shy of 5 rounds (Damnit!)

    Got a few pre-WOD dips in w/o a band but had to use the purple band during the WOD.

    1st round + 1/2 second round with 25# DBs, switched to 20# DBs.

    My forearms rebelled about 1/2-way through this WOD. Not sure what it was about this particular combination of moves, but it was tough!

    After party: Gar loop

  6. Alt WOD – 5 1/4 rounds – band & Inf weight – still sore from Monday & hands ripped….not a good pull up day for me!

  7. Mike Hart says:

    7.95 Rx’d

    Gar Loop

    – 1/2 swing shy of 8 rds. 1st time doing Nate. Humbled.

  8. Nate-Modified
    Did MUT and floss HSPU

    15 Back Ext and GHD 3rnds finisher!

    Dr. Dwight and Vinnie are my heros! They did strict MU!!!! WOW!

  9. Jerry Hill says:

    “Nate” 18 2/3
    Stayed on pace for 1 round a minute for 11 rounds. My handstands gave out. Like everyone else Monday and Tuesday caught up today.

  10. 8 1/3
    I had to use abmat on HSPU’s after 1st round. I honestly feel BROKEN today.
    Everything on me hurts. Looks like a rest day tomorrow!!

  11. Vinnie Freda says:

    6 rounds + 2 Muscle-Ups

    First time doing strict muscle-ups.

  12. Grace Chung says:

    10 rounds. Muscle ups were the nemesis today.

  13. Mark Davis says:

    11.9 rounds
    Started on hspu and ended on muscle ups. failed on last rep so was one rep short of 12 full rounds.

    first ever workout with muscle ups. could not be happier. MarkyD’s best week ever continues.

    Goode’s birthday after party – 36 man makers. Not Goode at all.

  14. Jeremy Moss says:

    Rest day.

    Was excited about hitting this WOD when it was posted, but woke up and knew I couldn’t do it. With everyone else’s comments, I think I made the right decision.

    In honor of MarkyD’s superior fundraising skills, I might hit this for first friday.

    Hope this counts for the book – if someone else wins it, I’d love to borrow!

  15. Alt WOD
    5 2/4 rounds
    blue band for ring dips
    switched to under hand grip for last 3 rounds of PU– made a difference on my shoulder
    15# dumbells for press
    35# KB

    still sore from Monday

  16. Kevin Hare says:

    Felt like HSPUs slowed me down and didn’t get the MU and KB swing work I could have, so I did it again.

    Subbed the HSPUs with GHD sit-ups.
    16 2/3 rounds

    Ended up with over 60 MUs and 168 kb swings, rest day tomorrow!

  17. Uhle says:

    6.25 alt, inf weight

    36 man makers AP…wod in itself

  18. Laurie Wasko says:

    8 1/3 rounds. Subbed 8 ghd’s for the HSPUs. Yay for muscle ups!
    Loop + 1/3 Goode’s AP

  19. Fred says:

    7 rds…bailed on 0515 for 1715…no excuses

  20. Ray Fitzgerald says:

    8-1/2 alt. WOD +Loop

  21. 6 rounds and 3 pullups (purple band PU, red band Dips, BD)

  22. 6 rounds. Modified by using a bumper plate with the HSPUs. I really want to figure out how to do HSPUs with a band like Danya so I get the full ROM. Considering I got my first muscle up like ten days ago I was very happy I got 12 MUs today, Looks like doing one MU a day really has helped. Melissa said I have a crazy kip, guess that’s to make up for the lack of upper body strength.

  23. Dale Saran says:

    Nate, as rx’d.

    13 rds + 2/2. 15 is definitely achievable. Great work, Jerry. Impressive.


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