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101011 Monday: "On the minute"

By jerry Comments

CFOT will have all 9 classes on Monday! Do your best to make your same class time. Traditionally everyone shows up at 0915 on a Holiday, it is already a popular class, we won’t have much room for Holiday Crashers!


101011 Monday: “On the minute”

Perform 3 Squat Snatches on the minute for 10 minutes.
Suggested load around 70-80% of 1 RM
Must be a SQ snatch, not a power snatch to overhead squat
Post load to comments.
*Rest 3 minutes*
AMRAP 10 Minutes: 3 Muscle-ups, 10 Pistols

“Alternate WOD”  On the minute for ten minutes:
Perform 4 Burpees on the TOP of every minute then max rep KB High Pulls in remainder of the minute.
Post total KB Reps to comments.
**Rest 3 minutes**
AMRAP 10 Minutes: 5 pullup, 10 pushup, 15 Squat




  1. Gar Whaley says:

    105 -3 rds plus 2 mus

  2. Sean Mulcahy says:

    145 squat snatch
    10+ rounds of Cindy

    Tried MU/pistol couplet but MUs weren’t happening today. Gotta keep working those.

  3. Harold Doran says:

    Awesome day. Stayed at 95# for squat snatch. Goal was to get all 3 as legit squat snatches in every round and met that goal. Felt good about speed under bar and getting quick turnover at the top.

    Did MU/Pistol WOD. In round 1, did pistols with 5 pound plate on my heel and counterbalanced with 15# KB. Then, dropped the KB and plate and RX’d the rest.

    Overall, got 2 full rounds and then 3 MU and 8 more pistols.

  4. 35# squat snatch (nice to be using weights again!)

    10 1/3+ rounds of Cindy (10 full rounds, plus squats and three pushups).

  5. 45 lbs WOD 1 ; 7 1/3 rounds WOD 2 band pull ups

  6. Mike Hart says:

    Alt WOD #1 – 141 reps @70# KB
    Alt WOD #2 – 10.33 rd’s
    Gar Loop

    Knee issues requiring patience.

  7. 95# split snatch (back jacked so no squat)/ 6 rounds of MU&pistols

  8. Uhle says:

    95#…tried to focus on form and not weight since its a relatively new movement… 12 rnds cindy AP

  9. jerry says:

    Wod 1 had to modify big time due to ‘creaky old joint syndrome’; went with power cleans 205x3r every minute x 10min, felt good.
    Wod 2 was a ‘pistol fest’ could have scaled up on the MU: hit 12.5 rounds. 120 pistols in 10 minutes is going to hurt.

  10. Adam Murphy says:

    WOD 1

    135LB Squat snatch x 3 every minute x 10

    WOD 2
    3rds modified pistols…..highly dislike pistols

  11. Jason Brown says:

    85lb squat snatch x3 every minute on the minute for 10 rounds. Then “Cindy” for 6 rounds +2 pull-ups in 10 minutes. The metcon felt awful today. My legs were useless after the squat snatches and I had no breath. A good but humbling day.

  12. Laurie Wasko says:

    65 # squat snatches.
    4 rounds – 3 muscle ups and 10 pistols. Ugh. 😉

  13. Jeremy Moss says:

    105 # squat snatches.

    4 rounds plus 3 muscle ups after party; muscle ups all unbroken, but left leg weak on pistols.

  14. Mark Davis says:

    75#/85# squat snatches. Needs work. At the end they felt good, but the weight was light, so it better.

    AMRAP – 8 full rounds + 3 muscle ups and a couple of pistols. (Assisted pistols)

    Nailed the first 23 muscles up without a miss! I think I have them down now.

  15. 45#, AMRAP – Cindy 6 2/3 rounds plus 3 squats(purple band pullups)

  16. WOD 1
    65# Squat snatches.
    Thanks for the push Jerry!

    WOD 2
    5, 10, 15
    pullup, pushup, squat

  17. Stuart says:

    1st round 115
    2nd round 105
    Subsequent rounds 95

    Never could get to a full squat snatch. More of a power snatch.

    8 rnds of Cindy (10 min)


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