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101012 Tuesday: "Spinal Tap"

By jerry Comments

101012 Tuesday  15,12,9: Deadlift and Handstand Pushups (HSPU).

Infantry: 125W-200M, Bulldog: 145W-225M, Infidel: 165W-250M, HTFU: 185W-275M use rings or parallettes for HSPU

**Rest 3 min**

40,30,20,10 GHD situp and 80,60,40,20 Double-unders

“Alternate WOD”

Run 400m before each round, 40,30,20,10 Box jumps, DB push Press, and Situps.

Have you watched the videos from our CrossFit Oldtown Nutrition roundtable?




  1. Sean Mulcahy says:

    WOD #1 (225 back squat sub): 12:04
    WOD #2 (2x Abmat sub): ?

  2. Gar Whaley says:

    WOD 1 = 12:31 HTFU (abmat + 1 15 lb plate for HSPU)
    WOD 2 = 12:28

  3. WOD #1 – 12:13 (deadlifts @ 275#, handstand pushups with two 15# plates + abmat)

    WOD #2 – 16:33 (i think) Got 33 double-unders in a row on the 3rd round…a new PR!

  4. WOD-1 : 165lb deadlifts – Infidel

    WOD-2 : modified: 15, 10, 5 GHD & Double Unders
    Double Unders improving!

  5. whoops forgot my time! 13:33 Inf-165lbs

  6. Harold Doran says:

    WOD 1: 25:03. Used parallettes and put a 45# plate plus abmat under the parallettes.

    Over the past few weeks, I’ve been increasing the HSPU ROM by first using 10# plates for my hands, then 25# plates, then 45# plates. Today was first day using parallettes ever. The ROM was deep, but doable so long as I reset each time.

    WOD 2: 10:something. Jerry reset clock for the ugly mugs at 7:30 and we lost track of the clock.

  7. WOD 1
    (first round 165lb, second & third round 145lb)
    Handstand pushups are 10lb plate w/ abmat

    WOD 2
    14:27 RX+20 GHD
    I did 60 GHD for the first round. Don’t ask why!

  8. WOD 1: 16:51 (HTFU 185#)
    Handstand pushup with plate (was leftover from someone else and failed to look at size) + ambat

    WOD 2: Did 1/2 RX’d number of DUs each round. I continue to be horrible at these — I can do single but am rarely able to ever string even 2 together. I did find myself able to do a few rounds of DU, single, single, DU, single, single. That’s actually an improvement. Didn’t catch my time — it was slow.

  9. 17:32 HTFU used purple band for handstand pushups
    7:55 for GHD and DU’S
    Didn’t miss a single DU today!

  10. Stuart says:

    HTFU – 15, 12, 9 RX’d

    275 lbs deadlifts and handstand pushups on parallettes. First time ever to use parallettes (45 lbs plate and abmat). Completely different than normal hspu. Deep!

    21:46 (I think)

    My kind of WOD.

  11. Jerry Hill says:

    WOD #1: 3:37 at 275DL and regular not parellette HSPU
    Wod#2 7:23 missed 7 times on the round of 80’s and was perfect after, must remember to warmup my DU better

  12. WOD 1
    Handstand pushups are with 45lb plate height. Just can’t seem to get the full depth on the HSPUs..

    WOD 2
    15:01 Rx

  13. Mark Davis says:

    9:29 htfu
    275# deadlifts. Used parrallettes with a 45# plate under. Was going to use an abmat too, but Melissa nabbed it while I was doing the DLs. Very crafty.

  14. WOD1: 11:06, Inf, strict press
    WOD2: DNF: did first 3/4 of each and ran into the next class, lol

  15. Sean C says:

    1st WOD: 11:13 HTFU – regular ol’ HSPUs, w/ no pillow.

    2nd WOD: 18 something (I think – I can’t remember, it was 14 hours ago).

  16. Jeremy Moss says:

    WOD 1: 16:39 HTFU (Parallettes for first few, then abmat HSPUs)

    WOD 2: 16:12 (modified to 75% of DUs: 60, 45, 30, 15). Hit a few solid strings of DUs (31 pr, 25), but still need a lot of work. I’m trying to do them to fast, then getting frustrated which makes me do them even faster…need to slow down.

    Felt under the weather today and it showed.

  17. Laurie Wasko says:

    WOD 1: Bulldog w/ 20# strict press.
    WOD 2: 8:58 – all double unders unbroken
    80, 60, 40, 20 Double Unders
    40, 30, 20, 10 GHDs

  18. Kevin Hare says:

    Modified: 9-6-3
    365 lb. Deadlift
    HSPUs from ground

  19. 20:10 on Bulldog and bumper plate, 12:40 I think for the second part. Really need to work on my Deadlift, my core keeps collapsing. Same goes for the HSPU. Also, Melissa taught me how to do a HSPU with a band, looking forward to trying this out.

  20. 14:57 HSPU’s slowed me down. Had to kip them but got full ROM/ 14:35 I come up with a new curse word every time DU’s come up


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