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101012 Wednesday: "Jackie"

By jerry Comments

Jackie is an undervalued CrossFit benchmark. She is a brutal display of your lactate threshold, and tests your willingness to suffer through the pain. We don’t do her enough but will put her to the test tomorrow! I challenge you to scrutinize your range of motion, post your results, modifications and exact standards in comments. If you are reading this blog post why not post in comments? Jackie is a benchmark WOD, you will see her again so be on your best behavior!


For time:
1,000 meter Row
50 Thrusters (45 lbs barbell)
30 Chinups

• Athlete chooses the damper and foot setting
• Rowers will be set to a 1000 m countdown
• Athlete CANNOT attempt to leave the rower for the thrusters until you see 0 meters on the screen (i.e. you cannot pull hard with 10 m left and get off as the rower is coming to 0 meters)

Thrusters (45 lbs barbell):
• Bar picked up from ground; no racks permitted
• All thruster reps begin with a squat just like wall balls; the hip crease is below the knee cap at
bottom and in one motion the barbell is pressed overhead with full extension of knees/hips/arms at
top of movement and the ear visible from the side; with a somewhat light weight for high reps it is
expected that the same movement standards occur and no shortening of reps happen
• any shortening of reps will not count

• The chin MUST break the vertical plane through the center of the bar over the top of the chosen
chinup bar (i.e. looking over the bar from the side view, on each rep the judge will be able to see
the chin break that plane easily; to make it more understandable if you were to draw a straight line
above the center of the bar to the ceiling, a portion of your chin MUST break or touch that plane
• If you pull yourself to the required height and do not break the plane, the rep will NOT be counted
• You have to ENSURE that every rep is chin over the bar and breaking that plane for each rep to count
• Any method of chin ups are allowed as long as the arms and shoulders are completely extended at
the bottom of the movement and the vertical plane is broken at top with chin
• All chin-ups must start with arms fully extended

I am going to Ballpark some levels for you to shoot for:

Level I well rounded beginner: 16:00W-12:30M
Level II intermediate athlete: 13:15W-10:15M
Level III advanced athlete: 10:45W-8:15M
Level IV  elite athlete: 8:30W – 6:30M




  1. Gar Whaley says:

    7:48 (3:31 Row)

    Neck no longer sore.

  2. Sean Mulcahy says:


    Jackie is a beast and kicked my behind. Motivating effort by Team 0600!

  3. 10:15, PR

    Really wanted sub-10 minutes, but ran out of gas on the pullups. Next time Jackie…next time.

  4. Mike Hart says:


    -first time meeting Jackie. Wanted sub 8 min and got it. Team 0600 is inspiring.

  5. 9:11, Was on a pace for 8:45, but after banging out 10 pull ups my arms kind of shut down. However, this is 4:53 better then last time we did this, 17 months ago.

  6. Fred says:

    9:50 More consistent pullups =’s sub 8:00 next time

  7. 8:34 RX

    Did MU transition work before WOD, then hit Monday’s Squat Snatch WOD after.
    Did 85lb x 3 on the minute for 10min. Missed only one at min. 9….
    Thanks Jerry for coaching me through 🙂

  8. 9:15 First time hitting Jackie, think I could have hit the rower harder.
    Definitely couldn’t have done the thrusters any faster. Pull ups I broke up into 5,5,5,5,4,3,3 which killed my time.

  9. 12:46
    with 33# bar

    Still afraid to push my shoulder. Today is my last PT appointment after 3 months. I don’t want to go back!

  10. Sean C says:

    9:22 – 40 secs faster than FF in August 2009.

  11. 14:13 Rx

    The row felt good; kept pace down around 1.50. But then the rest of the WOD came. I haven’t done thrusters, except for maybe as part of the bear complex. I was gassed and had to do them in super small chunks (4-5 at a time SO NOT HAPPY about this.) Got chin over the bar on all pullups excpet 1 (the 29th). But, like the thrusters, the pullups were done in 2s and 1s. Just overall, not the best day.

    Not a fan of Jackie…I’m thinking the continuing cold had a lot to do with that though. I’m really struggling cardiovascularly. I’m anxious to see how I do when I’m feeling 100% surely that alone would make me a wee bit faster!

  12. jerry says:

    Jackie: 6:54, rest 1.5hrs, Jackie round 2: 7:07

  13. Mark Davis says:

    6:57 rx

    1st time through “Jackie”
    Slow row (4:15) then go, go, go! (Really held back, but felt very fresh moving onto thrusters)
    Did thrusters 10, 10, 10, 5, 5, 5, 5 – only rested 3 counts – never dropped the bar. Honestly, thrusters felt great- like air squats.
    Pullups – 22, 5, 3 – again – 3 counts and go. Tried to to all 30 but could not. Should have done 18/12. If it had been 50 pullups and not 30, it would have taken me another 5 minutes, because I was completely done.
    Now my arms are on fire and my throat is raspy.

    I have been experimenting with rests. Counting down in my head “3,2,1 go” seems to fake me out to start moving again – as if it was the beginning of a wod. Resting longer does not make me feel any better. Especially on workouts that are a one-time-through sprint, the faster you do the reps, the faster you are done.

    Lunch bunch on fire – Jerry 2nd time through, a pukie, and some stubborn efforts.

  14. britishbulldog says:

    11.30 I think !! used orange band for pull ups 🙁

  15. 15:16 – 45lb bar for thrusters & orange band for pullups — wow, tough 15 mins! was hoping to get into level II, but hopefully next time. 50 thrusters seemed like they would never end.

  16. Harold Doran says:

    8:06. This WOD is awesome.

  17. 12:33
    Just missing Jerry’s mark for a ‘well rounded’ beginner! 🙁

    Kicked the row’s butt at 3:30 (I believe), but the Thrusters killed me (and my knees). 30 straight pull ups bringing up the end didn’t help — strict, full chin over the bar… I’m sure I’ll feel it in the morning!

    Great WOD with the 0515 crew! Thanks to Mike O’ for the moto…

  18. steven.reiss says:

    9:30 but only about 10/30 full chinups…shoulders refused to move

  19. 14:30 this morning… Did 15 of the thrusters with a 45# bar, then dropped to 33#. Did pullups with red band.
    Was mad at myself for modifying, so came back this evening.
    13:30 RXed – think the main difference was the amount of rest on the thrusters. Can do pullups without a band, but am pretty much doing them one at a time. Need to work on stringing them together.

  20. Jeremy Moss says:

    8:46 (pr) plus loop.

    Still feeling a little under the weather, hoping to kick the cold soon.

  21. Vinnie Freda says:


    Cough, cough. Watch out, Fran. You’re next!

  22. 13:18 (purple band) 45# bar First attempt at Jackie…..Will improve.

  23. 14:21 Rx. First time hitting “Jackie” – first 30 thrusters were ok, last 20 were brutal. Last 15 Chinups were nearly impossible.

  24. Uhle says:

    8:50 rx…wish i would have read Marky D’s advice earlier. didn’t go balls out on the row, tried to conserve some energy for thrusters but to no avail. way too much rest time during the thrusters killed my time

  25. Joe Hart says:

    9:20 or 10:20 Got to work on paying more attention to the math


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