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101025 Monday: "Overhead"

By jerry Comments

101025 Monday  Press x 1 (12 min time limit), Push Press x 1 (12 min time limit), Push Jerk x 1 (12 min time limit) Can you get 5% more then 100720?




  1. Sean Mulcahy says:

    Press: 165
    Push: 220
    Jerk: 235

  2. Koz says:

    Press: 115
    Push: 165
    Jerk: 165
    Better than 95/135/155 from 7-20

  3. Joe Hart says:

    Press 145
    Push 175
    Jerk 175
    Just missed 195 on jerk. Need to work on form.

  4. Press 80
    Push 105
    Jerk 110

    A little disappointed with these numbers. My PRs for the Push and Jerk are much higher.

  5. Sean C says:

    Press 165
    Push 195
    Jerk 205

    After a week and a half off, not worried that my numbers are off by 5 lbs.

  6. Press 125#
    Push 175# (slight rebend)
    Jerk 185#
    Mile loop

  7. Harold Doran says:

    Strict Press: 155
    Push Press: 185
    Push Jerk: 185

    I think the SP is a PR. I thought I hit 155# many moons ago, but I can only find 150# in my records. -PR in the other two movements.

  8. Strict- 65
    Push- 85
    Jerk- 100
    All numbers increased from the last time, first two by 5 lbs and the jerk by 10 lbs

  9. Press 80
    Push 115
    Jerk 105*

    I goofed on the final jerk and ended up with a push press. So my final number went up for the push and my jerk seems oddly low (ran out of time). I don’t think I was getting under the bar during the jerks with enough purpose. Or maybe it was confidence that I lacked.

    PRs all around — so that makes for a happy day. Clearly the overhead work we’ve been doing helps! Here are my comments from the previous WOD:
    Press: 65×3 — these are SO hard. Sigh…grr…frustrated…
    PP: 85×3 — could have done more, ran out of time
    PJ: 90×3 — probably could have gotten a few more pounds

  10. Fred says:

    Press 125 (best by 10#s)
    Push 165
    Jerk 145

  11. Vance says:

    Press – 165 (pr by 20)
    Push – 175 (pr)
    Jerk – missed 185 so dropped down to 135 and just worked on form….

  12. Press: 85
    Jerk: 130 PR without the split

  13. victoria wynn says:

    Press: 65

    Push: 75

    Jerk: 80

  14. Grace Chung says:

    Press: 82
    Push: 110
    Jerk: 125

    PRs on all three.

  15. Press:90 PR
    PP: 125
    Jerk: 140

  16. Mark Davis says:

    185 press (191 fail)
    205 push press
    205 push jerk

    I could have done maybe another 10 on the push press and jerk. But my knees are achy and I did not want to hurt myself. Push press felt the best of all lifts.

  17. Vinnie Freda says:

    Press: 175

    Push Press: 225

    Push Jerk: 225

    Wrist is just starting to feel better.

  18. Press:65 PR
    PP: 85 PR
    Jerk: 92 PR

  19. Jeremy Moss says:

    Press: 145 (pr)
    Push: 190 (pr)
    Jerk: 206.5, 210(f)

    After party: Annie Express – 25, 20, 15, 10, 5 (DUs, Situps). DUs slowly coming along…

  20. Laurie Wasko says:

    Press: 75

    Push Press: 120

    Push Jerk: 140 (PR). 145 (f)

    This was the first time I actually did a push jerk instead of a split.


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