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101027 Wednesday: 2009 Mid-Atlantic Regional WOD #2

By jerry Comments

101027 Wednesday: 2009 Mid-Atlantic Regional WOD #2

Only 10 days until the BWI Hopper, CFOT has several athletes competing and many others going to help/support. Good luck in the final push team CFOT!

3 rounds: 10 Deadlift (185W, 275M), 50 Double unders

(2009 Mid-Atlantic Regional WOD #2)




  1. Joe Hart says:

    10:45 Inf. 250
    Still struggling with double unders. 5 was my most consecutive.

  2. Sean Mulcahy says:

    6:36 (sub’d 185 cleans for DLs)

  3. Sean C says:

    11:11 – Considering the comment on fb about DU ‘attempts’ didn’t count, I believe my time would have been faster if the WOD was:
    50 DLs
    10 DUs

  4. 18:31 @165#

    Lowered the weight so that I could get more touch and goes. Was able to do them in three chunks each (e.g. 5, 3, 2).

    Darn those double unders…

  5. Harold Doran says:

    5:49 RX. Did this in 11:07 at the regionals two years ago. AP was:

    3 rounds
    400m run
    10 block-elevated push ups
    15 GHDs

  6. Pulled 6 deads before a muscle spasm…then shifted to Annie (50,40,30,20,10 double-unders and situps) – 11:47

  7. 5:39 RX
    Deadlifts were hard!

  8. 10:57
    nine minutes spent on DU’s 🙁

  9. 13:30
    Subbed 30 KB high pulls w/ 45# for DL
    DU suck but I stuck with it and got up to 5 in a row at times

  10. 8:30- 145 lb deadlifts
    Hit the doubleunders pretty well today

  11. Mark Davis says:

    3 rounds
    275 deadlifts – did sets of 4, 3, 2, 1 = 10 – not too bad
    50 doubleunders – I am whipped and shredded. 50 attempts gave me about 10 successes per round.

  12. Adam Murphy says:


    Deadlifts were all touch and go

    Had a few misses on the double unders but not many.

    Fun WOD

  13. Jason Brown says:

    9:37 Rx. Deadlifts were strung together in 3-5 touch and go sets. Double-unders were not easy, but a little better when the rope actually broke half way through round 2. To bad I had to get a new rope and finish.

  14. Mike Hart says:

    13:50 Rx’d

    -I counted “attempts” on DU’s because I’d still be there if I hadn’t. Third rd of DL’s felt better than first. Touch and go on first and third rd. 2×5 in second rd.

  15. Kevin Hare says:

    11:59 Rx’d

    All deadlifts touch and go
    Double unders took about 11:20… but are still better than 6 months ago.

    After party 5RM OHS, got up to 15 lbs…

  16. Grace Chung says:

    10:06 Rx.

    After party: Parallelette (sp?) progression. Got up to one 25# and two 15# plate stack before head couldn’t touch the ground.

  17. Bulldog (145lbs) in 10:22

  18. Vinnie Freda says:

    5:03 Rx

  19. 10:07 115#, sub box jumps

  20. Jeremy Moss says:

    7:38 rx

    Touch and go on the deadlifts, didn’t count attempts on DUs. First time ever feeling like I am a functional double-under-er.

  21. Kevin Drury says:

    8:38 #255 NOT touch and go, felt pretty savage anyways. Mental note to give the sumo method a shot.

  22. 10:10 185# but didn’t touch & go. DU’s still slow coming but at least I can get about 5-8 in a row now.

  23. 5:59 145lb Deadlift no partitions
    DUs slowed me down


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