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110209 Wednesday "High Stakes Snatchin'"

By jerry Comments

Fast Forward to 1:45 to see Shanyn Snatchin’…Inspiration!!

110209 Wednesday “High Stakes Snatchin'”

30 Snatches (95w, 135m) for time. However  every minute on the minute you must perform XX Pullups, YES including that very first minute.

HTFU: Chest-to-bar Pullups 4 women, 7 men. (Be strict about this, either your Chest hit the bar or you redo the rep)

Infidel: chin over bar: 4w, 7m.

Bulldog: 3w, 5m.

In our bigger classes we will have two flights since everyone will need their own pullup bar and barbell.

ALT wod: 1 minute stations 1. KB Highpull (53w, 70m), 2. Box Jump, 3. DB thruster(15w, 20m), 4. REST x 5 rounds (20 total minutes)




  1. Gar Whaley says:

    18 rds HTFU
    Finished out the 30 snatches
    back still tweaked

  2. Chest to bar pull ups, 115#. 8 reps in 6 minutes. Got 5 snatches the first round, 3 the second, then finished rounds 3 and 4 with only 7 seconds to spare so I didn’t get a chance to do another snatch, then did got 3 pull ups the fifth minute, and still had 10 left when the sixth minute came around.

  3. 5:57 (55#, 4 chin-over pull-ups) – – should have gone heavier.

  4. Katy Kelly says:

    65# and 4 pullups with purple band – 7:31

  5. 9:57 (first 11 pullups were chest-to-bar, first 13 snatches were 115# and the rest were 95#)

    MPH is my hero for Rx’ing this beast.

  6. Harold Doran says:

    Well, let’s see here:

    Started the WOD with 135. After round 3 dropped to 115. After round 5 dropped to 95. After round 6 or 7 (don’t recall), the clock got me.

    So, waited a few minutes and did the WOD all over again with 95#. Got to 25 reps. Then, went to bar to get my 7 C-2-B pull ups in and only got 6 within the minute, which meant I had 8 to complete the next round.

    So, clock got me again. Two DNF’s in one day.

  7. elise kessler says:

    8:56 HTFU subbed 115# cleans.

  8. Kevin Hare says:

    135# & C2B Pull-ups
    Snatches/round: 15, 5, 4, 3, 2.8 = 29.8

    29.8 < 30

  9. Fred says:

    16:30 Inf rds 1-15, rds 16 and 17 BD

    Form was ugly and strategy to complete was developed on the fly…loved it though

  10. Jason Brown says:

    7:47 @ 5 PU / 115# snatches. Last couple rounds were more like chin to bar vs. chin over bar on the pull-ups. Regardless, I am seeing some improvement on stringing these together. I had to repeat one snatch that I didn’t lock out in the 4th round.

    Afterparty: GHD’s and raised knee / L-sit hold work.

    Good redemption after yesterday’s DNF on WOD#2.

  11. 7:38 using 55# and the 3 pull ups to chin.

    I got a few chest to bar, but only a couple and they were in the first two rounds. I felt good though and I think I kept my form, that’s why I went a little light on the weight, I want to make sure I have the form down. Next step is to increase weight.

  12. Jerry Hill says:


  13. Kate Moran says:

    6, 6, 7, 5, 5,1 (45#, 4 PullUps)
    I thought it was 7:24, but I don’t think I got that right…

  14. Vinnie Freda says:

    6:52 HTFU

    8,7,6,5,3,1 (I think)

  15. Crystal says:

    8:55; went light (45lb) with snatch as 1st time doing
    But 4 pullups each time no band (1st time!)

  16. Adam Murphy says:

    6:57 HTFU

    Snatches weren’t bad but those damn C-2-B pull ups took it out of me.

  17. Late to post today…65lb snatches (they were ugly) and pullups w/ purple band – 8:55

  18. Kevin Hare says:

    Round 2:
    HTFU – 4:50
    Rounds: 9,8,5,4,4

  19. Sean Mulcahy says:

    9:56 HTFU (thanks for the push Melissa)

    IHTFW (I Hated This _____ WOD). I guess what doesn’t kill you (felt like it though) makes you stronger!

  20. Mike Koslap says:

    6:51 HTFU
    Snatches went 7,6,4,4,3,3,3
    I did not expect victory, but pleasantly surprised.

  21. Uhle says:

    9:58 115#, questionable c-2-b pullups after the first few rounds

    IHTFW(props to sean for an accurate acronym)… one if not the only wod ive ever felt like i seriously wanted to quit

  22. Erin Gabriel says:


    Should have gone heavier.

  23. Leland says:

    13:59 Infidel–that’s a lot of pullups.

  24. Eric Mckenna says:

    9:58, 85# for snatch.

  25. 8:56 HTFU Need to work on stringing C2B together.

  26. Laurie Wasko says:

    7:4something, I think. 4 C2B pullups and #75 snatches. Would love to say I could have gone heavier on the snatches, but I’m pretty sure I would have broken something if I had tried – my mind, my body, CFOT’s equipment…something. Yikes!

  27. 9:44 with 75# Got a few rounds of C2B pullups (3 rounds for sure @ C2B)

    First time doing C2B so that was cool. Obviously something I need to continue to work on (along with everything else).

    Learned that I’m beginning my snatches with too wide a stance. When I narrowed my initial stance things improved significantly. Will try a little more weight next time.


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