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110307 Monday: "J.T."

By jerry Comments
110307 Monday

21-15-9 reps of:
Handstand push-ups
Ring dips

In honor of Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Jeff Taylor, 30, of Little Creek, VA who was killed in Afghanistan in 2005. Erin Taylor, Jeffrey’s wife, spoke of her husband as “honest, compassionate, and giving to a fault.” She said, “He knew his place was fighting side by side with his best friends to bring peace and avoid future attacks on American soil.  Jeff knew his calling.

This was the first Hero WOD ever posted on I remember it well, as I was following the mainsite wods 6 years ago. I remember the feeling of both overwhelming sadness and pride. I found it amazing that the workout website I had found was now honoring  fallen American Heroes. Unfortunately new Hero wods appear at weekly, but fortunately continues to give us an opportunity to pause and honor their service and sacrifice.

This wod COULD leave you frustrated, you might have to scale. First off remember it is a Hero wod, gut through the best you can. Second off if you get frustrated treat it as a Strength wod and chip away 1 rep at a time…realize that regardless of the outcome you’ll come out the other end a stronger human being.




  1. Gar Whaley says:

    23:20 (abmat+15# plate)
    Loop w/ A & K

  2. Sean Mulcahy says:

    50:49 (w/ weight vest)

  3. Eric Mckenna says:

    30:17, red band dips.

  4. 22:20 with modified handstand pushups (abmat+25&10 plates), ring dips (thin blue band), and hand-release pushups

  5. Joe Hart says:

    29:29 HTFU – first round not so bad, but rounds 2 and 3 were tough – hope we hit this one again

  6. Harold Doran says:

    16:55 HTFU (with hand release).

    Truthfully, I think I got away with “.com” standards today (.com referring to the quality of movement you typically see on the crossfit main site).

    Happy birthday to my pal Sean

  7. Jason Brown says:

    23:08 – 165 lb push press; orange band dips (full range); hand release push ups. Felt good to be back after the time off.

  8. Mike Hart says:

    29:14 – HTFU

    Happy Birthday to Sean M.! Hell of a day to don the vest. You honored JT well.

  9. 14:07; handstand pushups w/10lb weight and abmat, dips with whatever band was available (orange & red), full pushups (no knees)

  10. 19:03
    1 abmat, dental floss think orange band

    1 mile loop with Gar & Krista

  11. Mike Koslap says:

    (abmat HSPU, ring dips, hand release pushups)

  12. Stuart says:

    25:55 no modifications

  13. 29:14
    Used 45# plate and abmat– did 4 HSPU, then attempts, by the end I was only able to do negatives. Good news though did all the ring dips without any bands!

    1 mile loop after with Amy and Shannon

  14. Fred says:

    23:09 PP @ 115, thinnest orange band on dips, HRPU’s

  15. elise kessler says:

    20:04 sub 87# push press

  16. Mark Davis says:

    9:32 – (22 hspu in round 1 “for fun” except Danny did 26)
    Flashed ring dips, hand release push ups. Redid first 10 after I heard Lopes say hand release.

  17. Will Cook says:

    15:23 – used an abmat for HSPU. No band on ring dips. regular push ups.

  18. Crystal says:

    19:36; 75 lb push press; purple band dips; hand release pushups

  19. Vinnie Freda says:

    27:21 HTFU

  20. Uhle says:

    15:23 i believe

    sub 80% bw PP for HSPU
    no flash on dips (no extra challenge was needed), hand release pushups

  21. Kevin Hare says:

    41:06 (25 hspu’s rx’d, then final 20 with band assistance)

  22. mhixson says:

    forgot to write on board…
    14 dips unassisted
    rest floss band with one knee

  23. 19:50, now it gets complicated….10 and 15lb plate with abmat, alternating orange and red band, hand release PU

  24. Kate Moran says:

    19:12 65# pp, red band dips

  25. 44:38 175lbs push press and red band dips

  26. 41:24 HSPU’s w/ band

  27. Laurie Wasko says:

    I tried. It hurt. I switched to the injured kid WOD. 20 GHDs, 30 DUs, 40 airsquats. 5 rounds.


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