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110328 Monday:

By jerry Comments

110328 Monday: 10 Clean and Jerks(125w,185m), 30 Box jumps, 30 KB Swing, 10 Muscle-up, 30 Burpees, 30 GHD Situp, 10 HSPU, 30 Pullups, 30 Wallball

Clean and Jerk: HTFU: 125w, 185m, Infidel: 105w, 155m, Bulldog: 85w, 135m, Infantry: 75w, 115m

Sub 20 pullups and 20 dips for 10 Muscle-ups

Sub 30 hand release pushups for 10 Hand Stand Pushups (HSPU)

Sub 60 situps for GHD




  1. Sean Mulcahy says:

    WOD 1: 17:59 (2x sit-up sub for GHD)

  2. Mike Hart says:

    24:16 – C&J’s were tough for me. E’thing else felt good.

  3. Harold Doran says:

    26:37 HTFU. Smart money was for me to not do this WOD today. But, whoever said I was smart.

  4. 28:36 – 85# C&J, subbed pullups/dips for muscle-ups

  5. 28:32 – 155# C&J, pullups/dips for muscle-ups, and abmat + 25# plate for HSPU

  6. Kate Moran says:

    28:00 infantry 75#, sub 20 dips/20 pull-ups for muscle ups, sub 30 hand release push-ups for HSPU

  7. Joe Hart says:

    25:47? – (165# C&J) tough but a hell of a lot of fun. Really liked throwing the MU’s and HSPU’s into the mix. Would have been even better if I could get C&J’s down.

  8. Laura Novotny says:

    23:36 — 105# C&J, pullups/dips for MUs, HSPUs with 10#plate and abmat (and then added a 5# plate for the last couple AND counted partial reps cause I’d still be there otherwise)

  9. Fred says:

    26:40 BD pullups/dips (almost forgot the dips had to go back at the end)…definitely still not 100% after last week’s bout w/ ebola or hauntavirus or whatever it was.

  10. Grace Chung says:

    26:37 115# C&J, everything else as prescribed

  11. Adam Murphy says:

    21:43 HTFU

    Highly dislike HSPU’s

  12. 23:28 – 85lb clean & jerks – subbed pull ups & dips w/red band for muscle ups- HSPU w/ab mat & 15lb weight. Great and exhausting way to start the week! 🙂

  13. 24:10 with 75# Clean and Jerks subbed pull ups and dips (with floss) for Muscle ups. HSPU with 45# and abmat did first 5 last 5 were only negatives.

  14. Mark Davis says:

    20:40 – 185#
    hspu were a freebie for me. Would have traded 10 with everyone else if they did by ghd’s and burpees.

  15. Eric Mckenna says:

    33:36, not feeling to “chipper” after that. 😉 gassed on the burpees. last few HSPU were tough with only one abmat.

  16. 24:01 this morning.

    Subbed for the muscle ups.
    Subbed for the HSPUs.

  17. Vinnie Freda says:


  18. elise kessler says:

    29:28 or 28:29 cant remember, think it was the former. 125# cleans, no jerk; did 1 MU – thought my wrist was going to fall off so I stopped (its still really hurting…) Subbed 30 hand release – stupid wrist

  19. Cathy Puskar says:

    29:59 85# C&J; subbed pu and red band dips for muscle ups; HSPU w 15 lb plate and abmat…would have shaved over 5 minutes if I could just string together some pullups

  20. Gar Whaley says:

    21:21??? – something below 25 anyway. HSPU – 0-2 abmats

    LoneWolf McLoop

  21. 21:33
    No C&J, alternate of KBHP and DBPP. No Box Jumps, subbed double Tabata Squats (60 count). Otherwise, Rx… Dang knees… 😉
    Challenging workout, but not quite as intimidating as I thought it would be. Great ‘chipper’ WOD, coach. But, I still hate Wallball! Thanks for the 0515 morning moto!!!

  22. Uhle says:

    22:33 155 #, sub MUs, HSPUs… for those of us who have to be a bit “conservative”, those were some tough subs!

  23. Katy Kelly says:

    23:45 95# sub pullups/dips. hspu for the first time!

  24. Mike Snyder says:

    23:37 or 36, laundry list of subs… TGU’s for muscle ups, push ups and ring rows. Good one today.

  25. Jeremy Moss says:

    23:07 (2 abmats for HSPU)

    31:44 (with subs)

  26. Jerry Hill says:

    Didn’t go for the Kill on burpees, GHD and Wallball.
    Close to 12 min is possible.

  27. 49:01 (29 min. on MU’s!!)


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