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CrossFit Oldtown Athlete Profile: "Ben Spriggs"

By jerry1 comment

Name: Ben Spriggs
Nickname: Thing #2

Hometown: Alexandria (Mt.Vernon)

When Did you Begin Training at CFOT?
uhh.. Blue Room, april 2008 i think
What goals have you slayed so far?

I have slayed nothing, just happy to be in the mix.

What are your Training Goals for 2011?
Goals?  Lose my beer gut.

What is your prior fitness background?
Bad-ass swimmer (is there such a thing?) in HS and college.  No priors with CrossFit, but the elite swimmer mindset is to push yourself in practice and race; if you have something left, you could have gone farther or faster. A good primer to CF. .

Favorite WOD?

Least Favorite WOD?
Anything less than 20 minutes

Favorite CF/CFOT moments you’d like to share?
1) Its a great community.. the workouts are about the people there with you.  Opinions, politics, stress and other nonsense are left at the door. 2) Being able to hang with the youngsters.  Anytime someone says “Wait, you’re are HOW old?” is a bit of confirmation for why i do it. Its a great community.. the workouts are about the people there with you

Any advice for our new members?

Stay in it until you taste the Kool-Aid .

Reason for crushing WOD after WOD?
Look good naked

What would you name a WoD and what would it be?
“Melissa, HBA”
HBA = Humble Bad-ass.
The workout?  Anything that involves moving alot of weight, doing a lot of muscle-ups, alot of polite cursing, and demands that you are working your ass off for over an hour.
Oh, and you need to smile the whole way through.



One Comment to "CrossFit Oldtown Athlete Profile: "Ben Spriggs""



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