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CrossFit Oldtown Athlete Profile: Tom Arsenault

By jerry Comments

Name: Tom Arsenault

Nickname: I don’t think I have a nickname lately (editors Note: get Tom a nickname this month and a solid CFOT picture)

Hometown: Mexico, Maine, yeah, Maine.

When Did you Begin Training at CFOT?
July 2010

What goals have you slayed so far?
So far in 2010, the main goal I’ve slayed is to drop some weight, and to get fit again.

What are your Training Goals for 2011?

Goals for 2011 are (in no certain order):
1. Return to bicycle racing at an elite level (category 1-2 on the road).
2. Get to goal weight of between 165-170 pounds by June 2011.
3. Complete 15 pull ups in a row.
4. Maintain high level of fitness throughout the remainder of the year.

What is your prior fitness background?

Before coming to CFOT I had no exposure really to CF at all. I had heard about it, and had some friends who had gone to a few WODs, but thought it would fit into my schedule nicely.
Prior to coming to CFOT, I had been an elite bicycle racer on the east coast (on the order of about 70-80 races per year) up until about 2006, and then fell into disrepair in regards to fitness. Lost a lot of motivation to train, and just kind of gave up riding seriously, and racing. Had a small comeback in 2007, then got hit by a car, shattered my scapula, had it surgically repaired, and then didn’t ride for another 6 months or so, just mostly rehab on the shoulder. Moved in 2008 from Durham, NC to Asheville, NC for a new job. Lost that job in February of 2009. Moved again to Alexandria in May 2009, while my wife was still in NC, so had to drive back and forth to NC a lot of weekends, and fitness waned, again. Move onward to now. Been training again, getting fit again, and CFOT has a lot to do with that. CFOT motivates me to get up in the mornings, and roll in for the 0515 or 0600 workouts

Favorite WOD?
Back squats for reps or for max, either way, can’t go wrong.

Least Favorite WOD?
Anything with pull ups, yeah, I know, work the weaknesses.
Favorite CFOT moments you’d like to share?
Watching others hit their goals and PRs. It’s nice to see other folks excited, and working hard. It motivates me forward.

Any advice for our new members?
Don’t quit. It doesn’t get easier, but you will get stronger.

Reason for crushing WOD after WOD?
Sport Specific

What would you name a WoD and what would it be?

1. Back squat x 3  (15 minutes)
2. 400m run, 25 (24″) box jumps, 20 push ups
6 rounds HTFU




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