100818 Wednesday WOD: Compare to 100505

Steck-CON Delta (HTFU)
Cash In: 1000 meter row
5 rounds in the middle
30 wall ball
20 box jump(24″)
10 burpee
Cash Out: 990m Run

Steck-CON Charlie (Infidel)
Cash In: 750 meter row
5 rounds in the middle
21 wall ball
14  box jump
7 bur pee
Cash Out: 800m run

Steck-CON Bravo (Bulldog)
Cash In: 500 meter row
5 rounds in the middle row
15 wall ball
10 box jump
5 burpee
Cash Out: 600m run

25 Responses to “100818 Wednesday: “Steck-CON””

  1. “Michael” 31:52
    Run and sit ups felt good. Back extensions I had to do slow in sets of 5.

  2. :-) . Hopefully will get at this later today. Awesome WOD. Although I am biased. Hard to believe it has been almost 4 mos since Les and I moved to AR.

  3. I cursed you this morning Steck.. I still miss you though!
    36:38 (I think…)
    Wall balls should have been about 5 inches higher

  4. 5 rounds HTFU 43:10.

    Just not my day. Came off the rower at 4 mins and just knew it would be one of those dog days, and I was right!

    It’s funny how I was so energetic yesterday and then today just at the bottom level of my gas tank.

  5. “Infidel / Charlie” – 32:05, brutal.

  6. Leslie – HTFU 27:07

    Felt good even though we did Kelly yesterday….I think I’m back!

    Steck – HTFU 26:05

  7. 28:59 HTFU… first time doing Steck-Con… good times…

  8. 28:59 HTFU… first time doing Steck-Con… good times… 24inch box jumps for a little girl is hard brother!

  9. 29:00, a good solid sweat; miss ya Steck’s!

  10. Alt WOD – 3 rounds: 1000m row, 20 pull-ups, 30 abmat sit-ups = 27:21.
    All rows right at 4 mins, push-ups partitioned in sets of 3-4, sit-ups unbroken.

  11. 35:58 need to find a better pace w/ the wallballs…excuses, excuses

  12. still in shock from it….HTFU

  13. 33:03 Infidel…..is this getting harder ’cause a little piece of me dies every day, lol

  14. 37:10 HTFU. This is the kind of WOD I love best — thanks for pushing me, Judy and Rita.

  15. 34:53 HTFU

  16. I can’t remember if 40:50, or 44:50 at HTFU.

  17. 32:59 Infidel

  18. HTFU (5 Rounds); Result Time-37:17 minutes

  19. I think 25:43 infidel

  20. 20:15 HTFU, Cardio is definitely in my wheelhouse.

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