Video 1: Harold Introduces the Nutritional Seminar
Video 2: MarkyD on Primal!
Video 3: Stuart speaks about The Zone!
Video 4: Harold discusses the Paleo way of eating and post workout nutrition

6 Responses to “Nutritional Seminar Video and Info”

  1. Thanks for taping this Jerry!

  2. Many thanks for taping this Jerry. So sorry to have missed it.

  3. My one question regarding Zone would be the ugly part: cheating. I have heard doing a 6 days on, 1 off type regimen is OK, even if you consider yourself a strict Zoner. What is your thought on this? I assume it largely depends on what you are eating and what your personal goals are, but how about in a general sense?

  4. Mike:

    I’ve found that have a cheat meal or two that I planned for was helpful for staying on the Zone at other times. Knowing that on Saturday, for instance, that I was going to have BBQ Ribs and baked beans for lunch, I was able to resist cheat meals at other times.

    After a while the cheat meal will give you hearburn or a belly ache which also reminds you why you don’t eat that way anymore.

    My only advice would be to not overdo it. Have what you want as a cheat but don’t be a glutton.


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