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I started crossfit a little over 5 years ago at the encouragement of a friend who knew I did lots of road running 30-50m/wk and worked out in a typical gym – pullups, squats, deadlifts, etc. I was always active –  grew doing primarily individual sports as a kid, ballet, swimming, but didn’t do any competitiely in college/HS.

My friend thought it might be something I’d be interested in given my workouts at the time. I will NEVER forget my first workout – Fran with Danny coaching me 1:1 the entire time. Did DB thrusters and modified pullups – we didn’t do the prescribed rep scheme either. I would keep going with a movement until Danny said ‘stop’! Who knows how I ever went back to CF after that!

I started CF as my regular form of exercise and sort of “fell into” competing soon after starting. At Regionals the past year, and all the CF Games type competitions I’ve been to and a part of, it is incredible to watch all the other athletes and be inspired by their achievements. Every year the men and women get stronger and faster – absolutely amazing and completely inspiring. One of my fave competitions was the Capital Affiliate League Oly Lifting Comp last winter. Team of 4, 2 men/2women who had 3 attempts for the snatch and 3 for the C&J. The we had to partner up and do 45 reps of Grace and 45 of Isabel, respectively. I did ‘Grace’ with Jeremy, and I remember Laura Demarco (who was the other girl on the team, she did Isabel with Adam M) came up to me afterwards and commented about how different my C&Js were at the comp than in training the week prior. Lol. It’s the adrenaline and not wanting to disappoint your team that brings it out! Honestly, I enjoy the team ones because I get to work out with my friends. I did the Hopper elite div as an individual last fall and that was a great test of how far I’ve come. Revealed many weaknesses but also saw where I had strengths.I love tracking and seeing progress, and it’s what led me to coaching.

Everyone has different goals in the gym whether they just want to get a sweat on, be more competitive, focus on olympic lifting, overall GPP etc. if I can help them get that much closer to their goal and see their excitement,  that then it’s been the best coaching.

In addition to CF, I love baking, fashion, trail running and as the morning classes know, coffee! 



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