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Workouts'S ARCHIVE

  • 101019 Tuesday: Snatch Balance x 1, Front Squat x 1 (36 min time limit) Suggested time is 20min Sn balance, 16min fr Sq WOD instruction and why we are doing this: Coach Mike Burgener Teaches the Snatch Balance WOD Demo: “Alternate WOD” 50,40,30,20,10 Jumping Slamball, Goblet Squat, Situp

  • 101018 Monday WOD “Cheetah Hunt” With a 4 minute clock run 400m with remainder of time perform max reps pullups. rest 2 minutes. 4 minute clock run 400m, max reps box jumps. rest 2 minutes. 4 minute clock run 400m, max reps GHD situp. rest 2 minutes. 4 minute clock run 400m, max reps KB […]

  • 101016 Saturday WOD: 3 Rounds 15 Deadlifts, Walking lunge to Montgomery St [100m], Run to 3rd Street and back to CFOT [800m]: 3 round RXed: 165W-250m, Infidel: 150W-225M, Bulldog: 135W-200M, Infantry: 120W-175M

  • 101015 Friday: WOD ONE: 12 min to establish a 1 rep session max Clean and Jerk.  You must work quickly with a partner! You may or may not have time to hit a PR but it is good to train under pressure! Check here for your PR *Rest 3 min* WOD TWO: 12 min AMRAP, […]

  • 101014 Thursday: “A great day for the weight vest” (Rxed): 200m Run, 20 burpee, 400m run, 40 kb swings, 600m run, 60 double unders, 800m run, 80 situps. (HTFU): ladder down also  600m run, 60 double unders, 400m run 40 kb swing, 200m run, 20 burpees

  • Jackie is an undervalued CrossFit benchmark. She is a brutal display of your lactate threshold, and tests your willingness to suffer through the pain. We don’t do her enough but will put her to the test tomorrow! I challenge you to scrutinize your range of motion, post your results, modifications and exact standards in comments. […]

  • 101012 Tuesday  15,12,9: Deadlift and Handstand Pushups (HSPU). Infantry: 125W-200M, Bulldog: 145W-225M, Infidel: 165W-250M, HTFU: 185W-275M use rings or parallettes for HSPU **Rest 3 min** 40,30,20,10 GHD situp and 80,60,40,20 Double-unders “Alternate WOD” Run 400m before each round, 40,30,20,10 Box jumps, DB push Press, and Situps. Have you watched the videos from our CrossFit Oldtown […]

  • CFOT will have all 9 classes on Monday! Do your best to make your same class time. Traditionally everyone shows up at 0915 on a Holiday, it is already a popular class, we won’t have much room for Holiday Crashers! Thanks. 101011 Monday: “On the minute” Perform 3 Squat Snatches on the minute for 10 […]

  • 100619 Saturday: Deck of Cards Team training each team has a deck of cards; each suit has a designated exercise and must be repeated for the number shown on the card.  Each person on the team draws a card from the deck and does the exercise on their own.  It is an individual effort, but […]

  • 101008 Friday Clean&Jerk x 5, sprint 200m for time, rest 2 min x 4 rounds. Record fastest round in comments. Also record the difference in time from fastest round to slowest and assess a penalty of 1 burpee for each second difference. Infantry: 85W – 125M, Bulldog: 95W- 145M, Infidel: 105W – 165M, HTFU: 115W […]

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