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101120 Saturday: "Capture the Title Belt"

By jerry Comments

101120 Saturday: “Capture the Title Belt”

The summer of my soon to be sophomore year I attended a week long wrestling camp at Boston University. At the end of each day a handful of guys would stick around to shoot takedowns. The ‘winner’ stayed in the middle to wrestle again as fresh guys kept challenging him. The coaches participated, all of whom were Division I All-Americans. As a 15 year old high school kid it was so exciting to get an opportunity to participate and challenge the ‘Champ’. I would wait my turn thinking; “he is tired, I am going to TAKE HIM DOWN!!” One takedown, thats all it took to hold the title for a moment of glory!!

It is with this excitement in mind that I came up with our Saturday WOD! The scoring and ranking will surely be confusing (maybe adding to the fun?). I’m going to pick teams at random, and have team Captains; it will be crucial that they know what is going on. I hope it’ll be an awesome, chaotic, and exciting day!

Teams of three, 3 rounds. Each Movement is ranked by finish and given a score, each preceding movement is scaled based on previous rank, clock never stops. Team with lowest points (9 numbers/rankings added together) wins!

Run 800 meters (Team time is when all 3 members make it back inside)

XX Pullups (Must use same pullup bar: only 1 person working at a time, team must stay in order). Number of Pullups is based on 800m rank.

XX Burpees (only 1 person working at a time, team must stay in order). Number of Burpees is based on Pullup rank.

XXX Run (Team that finished 1st will have to run full 800m, other teams will run to their #rank from burpees. I will have numbers marked in Chalk near the 500-800m mark)

Repeat each movement 3 times for 9 total rankings!!

For example we have 5 teams. Team “Nick” finished the run first, they get 1 point and have to do 90 pullups, Team “Josh” finishes second on the run and has to do 85 pullups, the 3rd team does 80 pullups, Team “Sam”, the 4th team does 75, Team “Crazy Horse” the 5th team does 70. Now remember team “Nick” might have to do 90 pullups but they earned 1 point for the first 800meter run and have a head start on pullups. “Team Crazy Horse” finished last on the 800 run but only has to do 70 pullups, perhaps not enough of an advantage to win but certainly an opportunity to finish better.

Team “Sam” finishes first on the pullups earns 1 point for the category win and has to go straight into 90 burpees…and so on. I’m sure there will be lots of questions! Lets have some fun!!




  1. Gar Whaley says:

    with Kool Burpee Krista and Krazy Fast Katie

  2. Vinnie Freda says:

    Team Pink Ladies

    Teamed up with Sue and Cameron

    Finished 6th overall at 8:30


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