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CrossFit Oldtown Profile: Kate Moran

By jerry Comments

Name: Kate Moran
Nickname: “Kate the Great”

Hometown: Alexandria, VA

When Did you Begin Training at CFOT?
July 2010

What goals have you slayed so far?
I am able to do the box jump now, and I remember staring at that thing and not being able to move, and I can do pull-ups with the band (I did 9 the other day in a row and was super siked!)
What are your Training Goals for 2011?
My goals for 2011 are to be able to do pull-ups without the band, do a regular push-up and do double-unders…and maybe up my speed on some of the WODs, although for me its all about just finishing, it would be nice to not be towards the end or last all the time:)
What is your prior fitness background?

I played soccer from the age of 5 until about two years ago, high-school, college and then in adult leagues.  When I hit 30, it was much harder to take off weight, and for a variety of reasons, I packed on a lot of extra poundage.  I was training for my first Triathlon before I joined Crossfit, and completed it in August of this year (four weeks after joining Crossfit) and my first half marathon in September, I will be participating in the same Tri this August and I cannot wait to see the difference!

Favorite WOD?
Really people have favorites??
Least Favorite WOD?
Anything with burpees, they are the bane of my existence!
Favorite CFOT moments you’d like to share?
I cannot remember what the WOD was or even the day of the week, but I remember it was hard and I was so close to just giving up, everyone had finished and I still probably had about 25 more box jumps to do, and every few minutes one of my 6am crew who had already finished (which I think by that point, was Sean or Joe or Mike or Koz or David or Elise or Krista or Fran or Gayle… and even Harold (from the next class) and someone would yell out, “Keep going Kate!” “You got this Kate!”  The team support kept me going and pushing through until I finished!

Any advice for our new members?
Don’t forget to drop the bar, the bar can take it, your back can’t!
Reason for crushing WOD after WOD?
Look Good Naked

What would you name a WoD and what would it be?
“Kill me Kate”
400m run
30 pull-ups
200m Walk with Weight
30 box jumps
400m run
30 KB high pull
200m Walk with Weight
30 GHD sit-ups
400m run




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